Why volunteer at the American Fork Library?
Your contribution of time, talent, and energy helps create a library that makes a difference in our community!  

What can you do? 
1. Materials Processing Assistant
  • Serve the library from behind the scenes. Label, stamp, and cover books and other materials. 
  •  Required: Clerical skills, attention to detail, and ability to function well under limited supervision.
  • Length of Commitment: 6 months
2. Storytime Helper
  • Get a free backstage pass to storytime. Assist children’s library personnel in set up and take down of programs. During storytime, answer patron questions, take photos, and provide other support as needed.
  • Required: Customer service skills, patience, and the ability to work with the public, including children. Knowledge of audio visual equipment a plus.
  • Length of Commitment: 3-6 months
3. Children’s Library Assistant
  • Express your creative side. Prepare items for craft projects and assemble accessories/props for storytimes (some of which may be done at home). Assist with displays and maintaining order in Children’s Library. 
  •  Required: Customer service skills, attention to detail, and ability to work independently and follow deadlines.
  • Length of Commitment: 3-6 months
4. Adopt-a-Shelf Assistant
  • Satisfy your inner neat freak. Maintain order in an assigned area of shelving. Check spine labels and re-shelve books found out of order. Shift books as necessary. Remove unwanted items (bookmarks, litter, etc) from materials and shelves.
  • Required: Organizational skills, familiarity with Dewey and knowledge of alpha/numeric order. 
  • Length of Commitment: 6 months
5. Library Support Assistant
  • Teach basic digital and equipment skills. Assist patrons with the self-check machines, logging on to computers, and general computer questions.
  •  Required: Customer service skills, computer experience, patience, and a professional attitude.
  • Length of Commitment:  6 months
6. Friends of the Library Board Member
  • Do you want to help improve and enhance the library’s services? Join us in our monthly meeting where we discuss library projects, grants, and ways to help the library grow. 
  • Required: Strong supporter and advocate of the library. Willingness to contribute your time, effort, and experience to various projects.
How do you start?
Fill out the Volunteer Application here.