Reopening FAQs

American Fork Library Grab & Go: Answers to Your Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Grab & Go Service? Everyone is welcome to come to the library for visits lasting 15 to 20 minutes. You can browse the collection, pick up holds, and check out materials, all while maintaining a safe distance from staff and fellow patrons. For the first few weeks, we will not be able to provide access to public internet computers, printers/copiers, study spaces, bathrooms, water fountains, and children’s play areas. We will add these services back as circumstances allow.
  • Why is the Library only open for a few hours per day?  By shortening public hours, we will have the staff necessary to perform the extra duties required for maintaining safety, manning additional stations, and cleaning high-traffic areas.  
  • What if I’m not comfortable coming in to a public building right now?  Curbside service will be available for both holds pickup and returns. For pickup, park in the handicapped parking area and follow instructions posted there. For returns, please put your returns in a disposable bag, and place them in the bin by the south door during our curbside hours. 
    • Curbside Schedule: Monday-Thursday from 5-7 pm and Saturday from 10 am-2 pm 
  • Why do I have to enter and exit through specific doors?  For safety purposes, traffic needs to flow in and out of the building in a general one-way direction. Entering the library will be a slightly slower process since we must follow certain procedures (see next question).  The designated exit will allow you to leave as soon as you are ready.  
  • Why do I have to show my Library Card to enter the building?  The state requires us to keep track of everyone who has been to the library in case there are any health concerns. You will scan your library card (one per family group) when you enter the building. If your library card is unavailable, we will write down your name. 
  • How does quarantining returned items work?  When materials are returned, we will label and quarantine them in our community room for 5-7 days before they are checked in. We are surpassing the recommendations of the the American Library Association in order to be as safe as possible.  As a result, your returns will not be checked in for several days after you return them. No late fees will accrue during that time. We will continue to allow extra checkouts to accommodate for the additional waiting period. 
  • If you are accepting book returns, why are the outside book drops still closed? In order to follow quarantine procedures, we need to limit returns to one location where staff can easily transfer them to the community room for quarantine. If you are not comfortable entering the building, you can utilize our curbside pickup times to return your items to a bin by the south door.
  • What about fines and fees? We are working on a program for fine forgiveness, more information is coming soon. If you need to purchase a non-resident card or pay for a lost or damaged item, you can do so over the phone or in person. We are only accepting credit and debit cards at this time.