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Who We Are:
The Utility Department for American Fork City consists of (4) four divisions: Water, Sewer, Storm Water and Pressurized Irrigation. These divisions employ dedicated professionals who work hard to deliver the quality services that you enjoy as a resident. Although we often take these basic services for granted, American Fork City leaders and employees alike have worked very hard to ensure that we have adequate water resources for our growing community, a sewer system that is not just functional but environmentally responsible, storm water management practices that comply with state and federal guidelines and a secondary water source that is more accessible to the city population as a whole. We are proud of what we do and the positive impact that it has on this community.

Take moment and become familiar with each of our four divisions. We welcome your feedback.

2014 Water Conservation Measures

American Fork City's pressurized irrigation system and the water it supplies are valuable resources for residents and water users. The primary source of water for pressurized irrigation is the American Fork River, with additional water coming from other surface sources. When river water is scarce, wells are called on at a significant cost to supplement and provide a larger percentage of water to the system. Unforeseeable events like power outages and equipment failures can eliminate the use of one or more wells, which could further compound outdoor water shortages.

Because of low snow pack, flows from surface water, though constant at this time, are much lower than normal. For this reason American Fork City is imposing water conservation measures on all users to be able to continue providing outdoor water.

To make the most efficient use of existing flows, the community is asked to comply with the following watering schedules effective May 1, 2014:

Residential and Small Commercial Users with Automatic Sprinkler Systems -

· Water mornings 12:00 am to 10:00 am and evenings from 6:00pm to 11:59 on scheduled day.

· Odd number addresses water on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

· Even number addresses water on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

· Sunday watering of dry spots only is allowed for all residents, but please be prudent with the  water.

Users without Automatic Sprinkler Systems -

· Homes without automated sprinkler systems shall water between the hours of 6:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. on their assigned day.

Large Users -

Parks, cemetery, schools, churches, and large commercial development,

· Water between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m.

· No area shall be watered twice on two consecutive days.

· Sunday watering is encouraged.

· Water must be conserved and not wasted.

While watering during daytime hours is not optimal, allowing large users to water during the day helps to us to regulate the nighttime usage peaks and allows us to recharge the irrigation ponds. 

New Construction Landscape -

·Contact Public Works Department.

The City is working hard to ensure that all residents know about the water conservation measures and do not want to create any undue burden on users.

Enforcement of these water conservation measures shall be as follows:

1st Offense:  A written warning and reminder of the restrictions.

2nd Offense:  Violators will be locked out of the pressurized irrigation system, and required to pay a $100 fee for reinstatement.

3rd Offense:  Violators will be locked out of the pressurized irrigation system, and required to pay a $300 fee for reinstatement.

If all outdoor water users do their part, the City should be able to provide sufficient water to make it through the dry months.

 Residential users are encouraged to prepare their lawns and yards by taking the following conservation measures:

· Water deeper and less frequently.

· Mulch around outdoor plants, shrubs, and trees to conserve moisture.

· Raise the lawn mower by an inch or more to retain moisture near grass roots.

Still have questions?  Please feel free to contact Public Works.  801-763-3060.

2014-04-17R - Water Restriction Resolution

Pressurized Irrigation Water

Water from the pressurized irrigation reservoirs which feed the pressurized irrigation or secondary water system is a blend of surface water from a variety of sources. It is screened but not treated in any way and as such is not suitable as drinking water. Residents should take the same precautions with this water as they would with any irrigation water that may contain bacteria regularly found in rivers and streams. Do not allow children to play in the water. In most cases, the hose bib attached to a resident’s home is connected to the culinary system of the home. It is recommended that “kiddie pools” be filled utilizing culinary water.

Pressurized irrigation water will be filtered to 300 microns and homeowners are encouraged to check their individual irrigation systems and filter the water as recommended by their individual system. A 500 micron filter is recommended for the protection of sprinkler heads.


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