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Why do I need a building permit?

On average, a person will move or change place of residence 11 times during their lifetime.  Buildings, therefore, become the permanent face of the city.  By having qualified individuals review building plans for structural integrity and safety, and inspectors monitor construction, we are helping to ensure that all structures can be utilized for many years to come.  Our building inspectors help to negate unsafe construction and ensure public health safety and welfare.

When is a building permit required?

A building permit is required for ALL new construction or structural changes. This includes:
• New Buildings
• Accessory buildings over 200 square feet
• Additions, alterations or repairs (bedrooms, bathrooms, family rooms, garage conversion
basement finishes, kitchen expansions, etc.)
• Residential work (covered decks, decks over 30" above grade, fireplaces, pools, retaining
walls, etc.)
• Electrical system modifications or additions
• Plumbing system modifications or additions
• HVAC (heating, ventilating and air-conditioning) systems
• Modifications in framing (remove interior wall, add door, etc.)
• Exterior upgrades

What do building permits cost?

The permit fees are based on the cost (valuation) of the construction.  American Fork City utilizes a table to figure these fees based on the square footage and subsequent valuation of the project.

A plan check fee of $400.00 is charged for all new residential plan submissions.  This fee is payable upon submission of construction plans to the Building Department for review.  All other permits are assessed a plan check fee based on valuation with a minimum charge of $50.00

A state fee of 1% of the building permit fee is charged and sent to the state.

There are some impact fees and construction fees that are charged in association with new residential construction in addition to the building permit fee.  These fees are fixed for new single family residential permits and are as follows:

Sewer impact fee


Water impact fee


Parks & Recreation impact fee


Timp. Sewer District


Roadway Impact Fee






Pressurized Irrigation $ TBD

Sewer hook-up fee


Water hook-up fee


PI hook-up fee


Occupancy fee $50.00

Construction water fee


Construction electrical fee


Construction plumbing


Construction mechanical


Temporary Power



What are the building setbacks in American Fork?

Please refer to the Development Code found under the Planning Department for zoning regulations governing building setbacks.

Can I draw the plans myself?

Generally for personal construction projects, you can draw your own plans.  However, we may require that a licensed engineer review these plans and stamp them prior to submission to ensure structural integrity.  All plans must be drawn to scale and should be no smaller than ¼" = 1'.  Plans must include all construction details, including but not limited to: electrical layout, window size and location, doors, smoke detectors, framing detail, beam size, engineering, etc.  If you have questions, please call for a consultation with one of our plan reviewers.

Who is responsible for obtaining a permit?

You, the property owner are responsible for ensuring that all applicable permits are applied for and obtained, prior to any construction beginning.  Any construction done on your own home, in which you reside, and where you are acting as the contractor, may be acquired by yourself under the Owner Builder guidelines.  Please be aware that if you take out a permit and hire a contractor to do the work, you are responsible for the work being done to code and not your contractor.  However, if you hire a contractor to do the work, he must obtain the permits as part of his contract.

Permits for the construction of multi-family housing, non-owner occupied housing, commercial and industrial buildings will only be issued to a licensed and bonded contractor.

Can I get a permit for just the footing/foundation prior to getting a permit for the main structure?

American Fork City no longer issues permits for only the footing and foundation of a structure.  A permit will only be issued when plans are complete and submitted for the entire structure.  Additionally, we will no longer accept deffered submittals for either commercial or residential projects.  All material relevant to the structure or project to be constructed must be submitted as a complete packet.  NO EXCEPTIONS.

What comes with the permit?

Once the permit is paid for a building permit number is assigned.  This is the number by which we identify your project.  You will need to memorize this number and provide it when scheduling inspections.  Additionally you may need to provide it to any subcontractors who will be responsible for scheduling inspections.  As this number is used in tracking all information pertaining to your project, all inquiries should reference this number as well.

You will be given a copy of the approved plans that have any additions or corrections made by the plan reviewer.  You must have these plans (not a copy of them) on the job site for all inspections.  A bright yellow inspection card will also be issued to you with your approved plan.  This will need to be signed by each subcontractor performing work, as well as the City Building Inspector, stating that an inspection has passed.  Do Not Lose This Card.  You will be required to submit the completed Inspection Card to the Building department in order to obtain a certificate of occupancy for the building.

How do I schedule inspections?

Inspections are taken Monday thru Thursday from 7:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  All inspections are scheduled no less than 24 hours in advance of the inspection time.  Due to the increase of construction in American Fork, you are encouraged to schedule your inspections 2 - 3 days in advance of needing them.  Please make certain that all work is complete and you are ready for your inspection, prior to calling.  The standard inspections are, but not limited to: footings, foundations, temporary power, underground plumbing, 4-way (electrical, plumbing, mechanical and framing), permanent power, stucco, weather barrier, flashing, stair tread, and final inspection.  However, depending upon the complexity of your construction there may be other inspections required. Check with anyone from the Building Division if you have questions concerning what inspections you need.

There are no inspections performed on Fridays.


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