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Curbside recycling is available for residential customers only

Due to the number of customers who have chosen to recycle, Allied Waste has divided the City in half and has added Monday to their pickup schedule for American Fork.  To find what day your recycling will be picked up please click the map link on the left of this page.

If you have followed the guidelines for pickup and your can was not emptied, you must call Allied Waste 
(801-785-5935) within 24 hours to schedule pickup.


Plastic Soft Drink Bottles (#1’s) and Milk Jugs (#2’s)
Recycle rinsed PLASTIC SOFT DRINK BOTTLES and PLASTIC MILK CONTAINERS.  Caps and lids left on the bottles are O.K.  Please rinse or, at a minimum, completely empty all containers.

Aluminum Beverage Cans
Recycle all ALUMINUM CANS.  Crushing cans will help to conserve space in your cart.  Completely empty, and preferably rinse,   to keep your cart from getting sticky and/or contaminating other items.

Recycle NEWSPAPERS.  Stack them and place them in your Recycling cart.  Inserts from your newspaper are acceptable to include as well.

Corrugated Cardboard
Cardboard boxes must be broken down or cut to fit inside your recycling cart.  Waxed cardboard, as is commonly used for fruit, is not acceptable.

Magazines, Junk Mail, etc.
Almost every item that comes in your newspaper or mailbox can be placed in your cart.

Tin Cans
Recycle TIN CANS.  Please be sure to rinse your cans.  Crushing cans will help provide more space in your cart.  Labels left on the cans are acceptable.

Other items to be recycled!!
Brown Paper Bags
Phone Books
Office Paper
Cereal Boxes
Notebook Paper
Paper towel and toilet paper tubes
All Plastics #1-7 (Look for symbol on container)
Shoe Boxes

Items to discard or recycle through other means
Green Waste
-While tree/bush trimmings and grass clippings work well in composting; they do not work well with our single-stream system.  Placing these types of materials in your recycle cart not only contaminates materials in your cart but also many others, forcing all the material to end up in a landfill.

Glass- A recyclable item that has several drawbacks to a single-stream system.  Glass tends to break during the loading and unloading processes.  This broken glass provides a significant safety hazard to personnel working on the sort lines, it is problematic to the conveyors and belts used in the sorting process, and its marketability is less stable than other materials.

Styrofoam-All peanuts and other packing materials are items that our processing company is unable to sort and bale properly.  Please remove these items from the cardboard boxes you may be recycling.

Food Contaminated Items-Pizza boxes, paper towels, napkins, etc.  Food contaminated items, like green waste, not only contaminate your materials but others as well.

Other items-small appliances, wax coated cardboard, aluminum foil, clothing, household hazardous waste, paint, scrap metal, etc.

Curbside recycling is available for residential customers only.

Call Allied Waste at 801-785-5935 with questions on any other materials.


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