Library Balcony Art Gallery

February's Artist is Barbara Stucki. Art will be displayed February 1-28.

Artists' Reception: Monday, February 5 at 6:00 pm

About the Artist

I started painting in oils at 14 years old in a 4-H class. I loved it and have never stopped. Through the years I expanded into pan pastels, watercolor, and acrylics, but oils will always be my favorite medium.
I have three children and was a full-time mother for 10 years. Then, on my own with two babies and a small boy, I went back to college and became an RN. I worked for 32 years as an NICU specialist and as part of a LifeFlight team. I was Chief Flight Nurse at the University of Alabama Hospital for Neonatology for many years. I flew around the country and Canada picking up critically ill newborns. 

Then I moved back to my beloved Utah and worked in the NICU at Utah Valley Regional Medical Center and for LifeFlight. It was a wonderful and exciting career that I loved very much. I would paint whenever I could but always wished to be able to do more. 

Then upon retiring, I turned to my painting full-time. I started painting every day for at least an hour. Whenever possible I paint Plein Air (outdoors). I often paint with my grandchildren who are very talented. Over the years, I have taken more classes and studies extensively. My instructors have been both online and in-person. I have learned much from all of them. 
It has become a second career to me and although I will always miss neonatology and LifeFlight, I am very happy and fulfilled painting. I always watch for the LifeFlight helicopters and fixed wing planes. My youngest grandchildren spot the red and white fixed wing planes in the sky saying, “There is LifeFlight, your plane, Grandma.” I say a quick prayer for the patient and the crew. 

Through the years in an expanded role as a neonatal transport RN, I was privileged to work with amazing and dedicated coworkers. I have been very fortunate to have two exciting and fulfilling careers. 
Painting is the opening of your heart and soul to the world. It expands your senses and broadens your horizons. It brings you closer to nature and the eternal. There is a therapeutic quality that frees your mind of daily cares and allows you to touch the face of God. It is as much spiritual as physical. 

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