Library Balcony Art Gallery

October's Artist is Brinley Cummings. Art will be displayed October 1-31.

Artist Reception Monday October 2 at 6:00 pm

Artist Bio

Brinley Cummings is a High school artist who has discovered her gifts in expressing herself through various types of art. After taking a Graphic Design class, she has found a new love for making digital art. When she is not creating art you can find her out exploring nature, horseback riding and taking pictures of friends.  

Artist Statement:
I no longer love art, it has simply become a necessity, as important as eating or breathing. I have to transform my feelings of alienation, abandonment, and hopelessness into works of art or else I would be lost. The process of creating is often isolating and challenging, but when I surrender to these feelings, my best work comes about. I hope to continue to create pieces that give expression to emotions and experiences that we struggle to describe in words alone. I feel obligated as an artist to share my experiences and pain as authentically as I can. This collection is a visual representation of the current struggles in my life.

Collection Statement:
This collection features my most recent digital works. Because the process of creating can be so heavy, music provides the relief I need to continue. It felt right to connect my art with the music I listen to. For each piece's description I have placed lyrics from songs that fit the emotional response I hope the art evokes.

Information about having your art displayed in the Library Balcony Gallery