Library Balcony Art Gallery

April's artist is Charles Gilliam. Work will be displayed April 2-30.

Artist Reception will be held Monday, April 9 at 6:00 pm.

Artist Statement

What is a dream but a goal unfulfilled.  Such is it for me.  I wish to be an artist and to be able to convey a story with my paintings.  Some say this is only an “illustrator,” not a fine artist, if so, so be it.  I want the viewer to look at my work and see a story.  For each it will be different and that is all the better.  For each one of us has different ideas and reasons for their story.  I hope you enjoy my work and enjoy the time you take to write your own story for each painting.

I have been painting for as long as I can remember.  I have strived to learn, to apply what I have learned, and to say something with each piece I create.  I don’t succeed every time and there have been many paintings relegated to the trash.  But from each a lesson has been learned and that is what learning is all about – learn something from everything you do and you will be richer for it.

I have a lifetime of experience in advertising as a graphic artist and illustrator.  All along the way I have worked in many mediums.  As you may have seen I am presently developing my color pencil painting techniques.  I enjoy this medium very much.  It allows me to paint both loose and at the same time tight.  This allows me to put in as little or a lot of details to empower the painting.  As time goes on you will see me venture out into other mediums.  I hope I can use them as well as I have come to use color pencils.

Through all these years I have found myself attempting to portray the life of Christ as given to us through the New Testament. As I have read it I have imagined paintings that represent those moments in His life that I found special. What I present in this show are some of those moments that impacted me. I can only hope that you feel what I am trying to share with you, the viewer.