Library Balcony Art Gallery

December's Art is provided by Table Time. Art will be displayed December 1-30.

Artists' Reception: Monday, December 4 at 6:00 pm

Artists Info

Table Time is a weekly activity offered by the American Fork Visual Art Board. Artists are invited to bring their individual art projects to   Table Time and work on them without the distractions of home. There is no teacher. The artists share art techniques and sometimes give friendly critiques. In the past the group has given art supplies to Primary Children's Hospital, sent cards to veterans, and made cards to sell as a fundraisers for an art scholarship that goes to a graduating student from American Fork High School.

Artists participating in this month's Balcony Gallery are:
Cindy Bechtold
Joyce Davis
Geri Harmon
Diane Johnson
Shauna Larson
Merianne Nelson
Arlene Newcomb
Diane Sebring
Linda Smith
Barbara Stucki
Danae Wise

Information about having your art displayed in the Library Balcony Gallery