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July Theme:  Utah a Great Place to Explore!!!
One month of summer down and the cry raises- “I’m bored!  What can I do?”  Sound familiar?  Fortunately we live in a diverse and exciting state with a wide range of opportunities for adventure.

Recently I checked out what was available in our library and was pleasantly surprised with how many great hiking guides and information about places in Utah are located on the shelves.  One that caught my eye is a book entitled “Utah Curiosities, Quirky Characters, Roadside Oddities and Other Offbeat Stuff” by Brandon Griggs.

Some highlights we have explored are:
*Antelope Island.  A great visitor’s center with a lot of great exhibits.  The ranch house has great memorabilia from early pioneer and ranching days.  The volunteers are great!  Added bonus-Buffalo!  Watch out for the antelope too.  Many great hiking and biking trails too.
*Mystic Hot Springs, Monroe.  Just like revisiting the 70’s.  Great fun soaking in all the fun pools, especially the claw foot bath tubs!  There is a campground if you want to make it an overnight adventure.  You are close to Big Rock Candy Mountain and the Fremont Indian State Park which are well worth spending some time at.
*Wendover, Utah.  We spent several hours exploring an abandoned air force base used for the testing and training of the crew of the Enola Gay.  We missed checking out some caves in the area that were used as an officer’s club.  Other caves hold rock art and other archeological treasures.  Travelling out to the site gives you the opportunity to check out other infamous Utah sites, the Bonneville Salt Flats, where land speed records are set, Saltair and the Utah tree, a sculpture by Karl Momen.

Wherever you explore this summer take advantage of the local curiosities.  That is where the best memories are made!

Submitted by Michelle Draper, board member.  Michelle and her husband, Ken, love to explore the unknown areas of our state hiking, biking and photographing their journeys.

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