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Authors by Sharon Haddock
A good author is a storyteller and a friend who invites you in to share history, love and life through the written word. Authors who succeed draw pictures with their words, include some surprises and create magic.

J.K. Rowling created a whole magical world with her Harry Potter books.

Stephenie Meyer created a genre of vampires whose lives became interwoven with humans.

Orson Scott Card took a story about a boy genius and taught his readers lessons in understanding and accepting other cultures.

Our local authors, including Brandon Mull, Rachel Nunes, Richard Paul Evans, Rick Riordan and James Dashner, use their imagination and skill to reward us for reading.

Just as each of us chooses a friend based on how we relate to them and how they treat us for trusting them, we choose books based on how they make us feel and think. Those who write books are courageous people. They have to draw, at least in part, from their own lives, their understanding of human nature, their dreams and fears. We applaud them.

Sharon Haddock is a seasoned journalist who has written for the Deseret News, the American Fork Citizen and the Daily Herald. She currently freelances for a number of publications and serves on the American Fork City Library Board.

Scribbling Women exhibit, by UVU (Library Rotunda September 16-October 27)

September 26, 6:30 pm
Join us as New York Times Bestselling author, Jennifer Nielsen, comes to our library to talk about her books and journey as a writer--part of the Utah Humanities Book Festival.

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